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In 1998, the Colorado River flooded in the La Grange area and several houses in La Grange were flooded.  Numerous people from Second Baptist went to the flooded area and helped people remove furniture and other household items as the flood waters were rising.  After the flooding was over, we also went to help people clean out their houses.  


Since that time, Second Baptist has developed a full-fledged Disaster Relief Team which has gone to numerous places in times of disaster to help in clean-up and ministry to those who have lost so much.


We currently have three disaster relief trailers, including

a  clean out trailer which is equipped for cleaning out

buildings which have been flooded, a chainsaw trailer

for removing downed trees, etc, and a shower/laundry

trailer which has four showers, including two handicap-

accessible showers as well as clothes washers and dryers. 


We are linked with the  Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Ministry, and have made this an associational ministry as well.